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Menn Puisi Kata Nice Amazing

Publié le par zein

Menn Puisi Kata Nice Amazing - How to open a conversation. "Turtles, what should we do to face this drought?" He asked the tortoise. The tortoise did not answer because the turtles are not able to think that heavy. Finally, the monkeys continued his talk, "Let us cultivate banana, soon the rains will come. "Where the seed?" He asked apes.


"Look, we are waiting on the banks of this river. In the rainy season, many people throw bananas child into the river. Later if there is a drift we take. "They both agreed. At first they worked hard klik open forest to plant banana trees. Once the soil is ready, come the rainy season. Throughout the day they were on the river.


bank waiting for banana trees swept away. Not how long of a banana tree seem to drift away. Kera yelled, "Turtle fast you swim! Take the banana trunk! I'm afraid of the water and could not swim. "You are the lucky ones can swim, I'm not a good swimmer. If I was a good swimmer, you need not bother to take the banana stems.


I'm certainly going to help, "said the ape with cunning. Listening to the monkey, turtle hearts be touched. Therefore, he immediately swam attract the banana trunk into the river. Banana stems were collected one by one. After quite a lot then planted. They split two equal length of each stem of bananas to be fair. The upper part is taken the Ape and the bottom is given to the turtle. Apes seemed to know that bananas are always at the top. Therefore, he took the top.